Braydon Coyer

Hey there,

I'm Braydon.

I'm a senior full stack engineer with a passion for everything front-end. Welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm glad you're here!


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I like to build things.

Here's a few.


    A startup consultant company needed a website spun up quickly in order to publish their first iOS application. Built with Tailwind UI, I was able to put something together for them by the end of the day.

    Visit ->

  • officeAPI

    A fun side-project originally built with Spring Boot and MonogDb, rebuilt with with Node.js, Express, Mongoose and MongoDb. Deployed with Heroku.

    Visit ->

  • Hi there!

    Try dismissing me and see what happens...

    Guess what?!

    NgLimeade makes notifications super easy!


    NgLimeade is an Angular Toast Library that aims to get toast notifications up and running in less than a minute! No joke! Check it out for yourself!

    Visit ->


Music while coding? Absolutely.

Lord of the Rings is my favorite movie series ever. Not only is it a beautiful movie, but the music score transports you to a magical place. When coding, I pop in some AirPods and turn to this playlist.